A Cat Mom Makes Fostering Bottle Baby Kittens a Snap!



That was easy!

That’s what I’m saying about fostering mom-cat Dapple and her four plump, healthy kittens. The kittens are only two weeks old, and if they were bottle babies I’d have my hands full feeding, cleaning, keeping them warm and carrying them around with me.

But lucky me! Dapple does all the work, and does a much better job of it than any human could. All I have to do is provide plenty of fresh water and good food and clean and tidy her litter box, crate and bedding once a day. Oh, and pet and play with her clean and healthy babies frequently!

If you read my story about raising my tiny bottle baby Greyson and wanted to help but thought, “There’s no way I could do all that on top of my work/school/family obligations!”, this might be your answer.

For the first four weeks, mom and babies are content to be quiet and together in a large crate or small quiet room. After that, the kittens start to explore and mom understandably needs some “me time”. If the prospect of rambunctious teenage kittens is not your idea of fun, LCHS has foster homes that specialize in this stage of life and who will gladly welcome the whole feline family into their home once the nursing stage is over!

If you would like more information on fostering a feline family or any other pet, give us a call at our office at 850-224-9193 and ask to speak with our Cat Foster Coordinator, Lisa Glunt, or email her directly


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Wonderful Story

This is a wonderful story. I have forwarded this newsletter to several friends.

Yay Dapple!

I am so happy she got her own home! She is so sweet and was such a good mom to her babies. What a wonderful reward.
From her foster mom, Barb.


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