"Happily Ever After" Happens at "Pets & Their People"!



Something amazing happened at LCHS last week...we helped save a dog’s life. You might say, “But LCHS does that all the time, what’s the amazing part?”

And we would agree; In the midst of doing what we do everyday, in striving to help as many animals as possible, sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of what a remarkable thing it is to save a single animal’s life. Dolly certainly knows it, though. She was just another dog left at a small rural shelter  with no hope for a happy ending. On top of being abandoned at an underfunded and overwhelmed facility, she was snippy with the staff, threatening to bite. So when Amy Raddar (LCHS Dog Foster Program Coordinator) called to ask about which dogs she might be able to take into our Foster program, Dolly was low on the list because of her behavior issues. But Amy had a feeling that she might be able to help Dolly overcome her biting issues, and added her to the transport list.

Unexpectedly, the night she was rescued, the little dog gave birth to a stillborn puppy. You see, it turned out that Dolly had a very good reason for being so irritable. She was in labor and having a lot of difficulty. In fact, when she arrived at Paws and Claws Veterinary Hospital on the morning of February 27th, Dr. Ghurt determined that she was in so much trouble with her labor that her life was in jeopardy. She was immediately rushed into emergency surgery where it was discovered that she had two more stillborn pups, one that had been hung-up in her birth canal for most of the night, the other still in her womb, putting her at massive risk for infection.

Fortunately, Dolly made it through the surgery and came out with a completely new outlook on life. She is as sweet and cuddly as they come, with lots of love to give to anyone who would love her back. Amy took her home for her recovery and later that week Dolly was healthy and ready for adoption on Saturday, March 3rd at the “Pets & Their People” event at Proctor Subaru. The sweet little pom mix was only there for a few hours before Amy had to hold back tears as she watched Dolly leave with her wonderful new adoptive family. (The latest report has her completely bonded to the older sister, Sarah, following her around the house and sleeping on her bed.)

This is the kind of thing that happens a lot at LCHS...but it’s important to remember that it’s not something we can take lightly or for granted. You can be sure that the animals we save and the people who love them never will.

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