Henry, a Happy Tail!



"He was one of those cases that most people would have given up on because his heart was in such bad shape, but he was so worth saving." - Amy, Henry's Foster Mom


For the first few months after Henry was rescued, most knew him simply as “the heart puppy.” And while he does have one of the biggest hearts and sweetest spirits ever to be found in a dog, the moniker came from a much more serious attribute of this sweet puppy.

Henry and LucasHenry and Lucas

Shortly after he entered LCHS’ foster program, the staff at North Florida Animal Hospital donated diagnostic services in an attempt to discover the source of Henry’s lethargy. They discovered that Henry had an extremely serious heart defect called Pulmonic Stenosis. This condition would cost him his life within a few weeks unless he received an expensive and involved surgery.

Happily, due to the generosity of several benefactors, Henry was able to receive his life-saving surgery at the University of Florida. No longer slow and oh-so-easily tired, Henry is now a goofy, active young dog who has a long, healthy life ahead of him with best buddy, Lucas. 



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Henry's Heart

How perfect that this story comes to us in February, which happens to be Heart Awareness month. Let's not forget that our canine friends can suffer from heart disease just like we can. God bless those who made Henry's surgery possible. Lucas is a very lucky man.


This wonderful news of Henry warms my heart. He looks so sweet and now he has a full life ahead of him, thanks to the generosity of those who came to his aid. I most times give up on people when it comes to animals but stories like this give me hope for the human race again. God bless Henry, Lucas and everyone involved in his life saving surgery. May God give him Health and happiness for a long time.


I concur. Thanks to all the wonderful people who worked to give Henry a chance at life. Lucas is a very lucky man and Henry is a very lucky young dog.


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