Jefferson Has a New Home!



Jefferson was a six-week-old kitten found huddling on a lonely street corner during the winter of 2005. When he came into our foster program, he was very shy and took a long time to trust new people, but he eventually warmed up to his foster parent. Unfortunately, he remained very shy with new people, and his shyness, combined with his black coat, made it difficult for Jefferson to charm the potential adopters he met.

But what does his coloring have to do with him being adopted, you ask? It's a sad fact that black (and black and white) cats are about half as likely to be adopted as their more colorful brethren. This is due to several factors, from the way they don't stand out as much as say, a calico, to how difficult it can be to get a good picture of a black cat.

Whatever the reason, it's a reality in the sheltering world that getting a black cat adopted can be a difficult thing, which is a huge shame, since they often have truly wonderful personalities. This is why our foster parents are so important to the adoption process. Jefferson's fosters, the Caine/Garthwait family, not only worked very hard to socialize Jefferson so that he learned how to give and receive affection freely, but they also acted as his advocate, telling everyone they met about his sweet personality and silky-soft coat. It is due to their hard work that Jefferson is the loving cat he is today.

Despite a rough beginning and a delay of nearly 6 and a half years, Jefferson finally found his person, Edith, who loves that he LOVES to be petted and doesn't mind that he'd rather not be picked up. It's a reminder to us all that sometimes the perfect cat doesn't start out perfect, but becomes that way through time and trust, stengthening the human/animal bond in the process.

Editor's Note: As the "staff" for 4 cats, 3 of which are black, I must admit to a soft spot for the inky kitties. I encourage you to look at the mostly black ones first the next time you think about adopting a feline friend. You won't be disappointed!

You can see all of our black cats by going to our Adoptable Cats page and entering "black" in the search bar.


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