Tally Cat Cafe Celebrates 100 Adoptions!



It’s our mission at LCHS to save little furry lives and help them on their journey to forever homes. We are able to work towards this mission thanks to all of our fosters, volunteers, and donations of all kinds. This May, we also welcomed a brand new partner, Tally Cat Cafe!

Recently, the Tally Cat Cafe reached their first major adoption milestone - 100 adoptions!

Through Tally Cat Cafe, 100 more cats found wonderful homes this year than last year. All of those cats were cared for and introduced to their families at the Tally Cat Cafe. That’s also dozens of families with new little furry additions!

We are so proud of our cafe partners and excited for all the lives that have been (and will be!) saved. If you're looking for the purr-fect spot for a cup of delicious coffee and even better kitty cuddles, we encourage you to check out the lovely Tally Cat Cafe.


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