Pupmate Quinn enters the Wakulla County Correctional Institute!



After coming from a life of unhappiness, Quinn only wants to make others happy. 

Quinn, a 3 year old pitbull who entered the care of LCHS in March has spent the first 4 months in our care recovering in a foster home. Quinn came to LCHS after being confiscated for cruelty by her previous owner. A now 50 lb. confident Quinn is almost unrecognizable when compared to the frightened and skeletal 25 lb. frame that she arrived as.

Last Friday, Quinn began her work as an emotional support canine for inmates at the Wakulla Correctional Institution. In particular, Quinn will be living and working with inmates in the facilitie's mental health unit. Upon meeting the staff of the WCI as well as her inmate handlers and the inmates she will be visiting with daily, it was obvious that Quinn was the right dog for the job. Quinn loved the experience and she gained an instant fan club.

LCHS will be providing (1) emotional support canine to serve the population at a time. Upon that animals adoption, another will be selected to take its place. Inmates will receive interaction with the emotional support canine with a goal of reducing negative behaviors and increasing pro-social skills. This program is a win-win for the adoptable dog, in this case Quinn, as well as the people that she will be helping.

The Florida Department of Corrections intends to partner with community-providers for the implementation of Emotional Support Canine Programs in institutions throughout the state. We expect that interaction with the emotional support canine will result in reduced stress, increased communication, and improved outcomes related to institutional adjustment. - Florida Dept. of Corrections


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