Adoption Happy Tail: Prince Keke the Kitten



Prince Keke came to us in late April, a 0.68 lb, 8 week old kitten, severely underweight and suffering from terrible eye infections in both eyes.

Keke was immediately seen by the vet staff at Paws & Claws Veterinary Hospital and went into a special foster home that could feed, medicate, and nurture him back to health around the clock. Unfortunately, from lack of treatment prior to coming to us, neither of Keke’s eyes could be saved; however, thanks to hard work, compassionate care, and hours of commitment, Keke is alive and thriving!

Prince Keke's story has the ultimate happy ending -- he has been adopted into a wonderful home and now has a dog for a big sister, who is also blind! As you can see, Keke has adjusted well to his new life, and is happy with his new fur-friend and mom.

Thank you to everyone who donated and helped Keke make it.  Without the hard working vet teams that help us out, our dedicated foster parents, and the generosity of donors, saving animals like Keke would be impossible.

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