Great News for Greyhounds!



On Friday, Feb 2nd, the Executive Committee of the Florida Constitution Revision Commission voted unanimously in favor of Proposal 67 to end dog racing in the state of Florida!

One more vote and the dog racing ban will be placed on the November ballot. It will then be up to Florida voters to do away with this cruel industry once and for all.

While 40 states have already banned greyhound racing, Florida is home to 12 of the 18 tracks still racing dogs in the U.S. Money wagered and revenue to the state have declined considerably since 1990, however, the cruelty imposed on greyhounds remains.

The Leon County Humane Society was represented at this important vote alongside representatives from Grey 2K, HSUS, and the ASPCA. Several greyhound adopters and independent rescuers were also represented. Those in the greyhound racing and farming industry had their voices heard as well. At the end of the day, the Executive Committee expressed their desire to see an end to greyhound racing in our great state!

We will keep you updated on this important issue.


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