A Big THANK YOU for your Generosity in 2017!



While I often have the opportunity to thank our dedicated volunteers and foster parents face to face, the majority of our donor base does not visit the Leon County Humane Society on a regular basis. I'd like to take this opportunity to say thanks to those helping to fund our mission!

I've spent the past weekend reflecting on all that 2017 brought to LCHS. From new partnerships and the expansion of community programs, to managing our animals’ significant challenges with the same resilience and positivity they themselves exhibit. It was a busy, emotional, and productive year. Some notable accomplishments of 2017 include:

  • Over 600 animals entered our care with a particular emphasis on those whose need was greatest (bottle baby kittens, senior cats and dogs, large breed dogs, and those animals requiring immediate medical care).
  • Expansion of the Pet Food Pantry including distribution to Elder Care Services and Meals on Wheels recipients. In 2017, over 12,000 pounds of pet food as well as cat litter and bedding was distributed to local pets in need.
  • A relationship with the Humane Society of the United States as an Emergency Placement Partner. Through this partnership, 19 dogs were welcomed to LCHS following rescue from a criminal dog fighting ring, a puppy mill, and a South Korean dog meat farm.
  • After being contacted by law enforcement, LCHS broke ground on a criminal animal neglect case. In a local county with no animal control or shelter, LCHS collaborated with local law enforcement and the ASPCA, resulting in 3 arrests and over 70 animals rescued.
This is just a glimpse into the last 12 months at LCHS. Countless people and animals were positively impacted by the organization last year and it would not have been possible without you! Thank you for your generosity and support!


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