Meet Tootie Snoots!



Meet Tootie Snoots, our delightful potbelly pig, who is looking for his forever home!

Tootie is highly intelligent, has a ton of personality, is dog, cat and child friendly, and is guaranteed to bring much joy and laughter into your home! With those smarts and his strong personality comes bossiness, so his new family must be prepared to put him in his place. Tootie also LOVES to eat, anything and everything, so his owners must enforce discipline when it comes to his diet.

Tootie Snoots is two months old and will most likely grow to be between 100 and 120 pounds. Please note that you must live outside of Tallahassee city limits if you wish to adopt Tootie.

Previous pig experience is, of course, very welcome in Tootie’s adopter/s but we’re open to anyone willing to learn the occasionally challenging but wonderful ways of the pig!


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