LCHS Bids a Fond Farewell to Barbara Hatch



Barbara Hatch has been a core staff member of the Leon County Humane Society since 2000.

In her role of Office Manager, Barb has acted as a mentor to new employees and volunteers, a welcome face for visitors, and a valued guide to foster parents. After retiring from a successful career in nursing at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital, Barb applied the skills she had developed during years of caring for people toward caring for the most fragile infant kittens that entered our program. Thanks to both her own care and the care of foster parents she trained, countless cats have been saved and allowed to live out happy, healthy lives.

Over the years Barb has selflessly opened her home to LCHS cats in need of lifelong medical care. Having a heart for those in need, she became hero to cats that had not found, for varying reasons, their forever homes. During her time at LCHS, Barb had to say goodbye to her spotted pup Freckles, who had accompanied her to work every day for years, as well as several cherished felines who would never have been given a chance if Barb had not stepped up for them.

While all of us at LCHS are saddened to see Barb depart our regular work team, we are very pleased to see a friend who had devoted so much of her life to others now take some well-deserved time for herself (and her cats of course). Barb has assured us that she will still continue to support LCHS, and of course remains a valued member of the organization that she has been a part of for nearly two decades. Since breaking the news of her retirement, she has repeatedly reminded us to call her for kittens in need… as if we’d forget!

As an organization we will continue to learn from the legacy that Barb is leaving us with. We should never allow pride to get in the way when a life is at stake. We should never avoid asking a question or admitting a mistake. We should never hesitate to help when our heart prompts us to do so.

Please help us to thank Barb and recognize her for all that she has done for the people and animals of LCHS.


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