Happy Tail from Emily's New Family!



Just in time for the holidays, we received a wonderfully heartwarming update from Emily's new family!

"Emily is doing great! It has been such a blessing to have her as a part of our family and she has brought us so much joy. We have had her for a little over a month now, and I can’t imagine life before Emily! She is opening up a lot more with us, learning that this is her home, and that she knows that we are her people. She has certainly become much more playful. We recently bought her a dog rope to play with and she LOVES it. She hasn’t fully figured out tug-of-war yet, but she loves fetching it for us and playing with us. She also enjoys playing with her ball and by playing I mean pouncing to get it. We frequently take her to Cascades park where she enjoys walking, seeing all the people, and just getting out to enjoy the fresh air and scenery.

Emily has become my little buddy. I try to take her with me everywhere that I can. Over the Thanksgiving holiday we took her to campus at FSU and walked her around and she really loved the long walks. I think she loved getting her kong with peanut butter and treats even more afterwords. She enjoyed her first thanksgiving with us, and is becoming a little festive pup for Christmas with her holiday sweater and holiday picture op at the park (See pictures).

She still loves her cage, but we leave it open for her always. She has discovered the bed that we got for her and we have it in the living room in the daytime, and move it into our room for bed time. She was having some separation anxiety by barking during the middle of the night when we would go to bed at night if we left her in her cage, so we moved the bed into our room and she knows when it’s bed time because she comes in and goes to sleep. She really loves to be around her people. She still loves getting the massages that Melissa would do with her, but she really gets into them where she will come and lay down with us, and roll from side to side.
We have taken her with us to Orlando a few times where she has gotten to play with my Mother-in-Laws dogs and she really enjoyed getting to play around with them. I love watching her open up and realize that she is okay and that it is okay to be a dog.

I am sure I could write so much more because each day really brings so many new wonderful experiences with Emily. We are just so thankful for the Humane society for rescuing her, and for Melissa choosing us to be the loving family that she gets to be with. We cherish every day with her and continue to have nothing but love and patience for our sweet Emily. She may have been a rescue, and we may be helping her acclimate, but she really helped me too and filled a void in me that could only be filled with her four big paws, floppy ears, and tender loving heart.

With Many Thanks,
Kelley and Mike Stem"



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