Meet Chirp!



Chirp hasn't had the easiest start in life, but with a little help, the rest of her life will be purrrrfect.

She came to us sweet as can be despite severe neglect after being rescued during Project Remedy. As a result of her living conditions, Chirp was infected with ringworm. After over a month of treatment, she was finally clear of the stubborn fungal infection and able to transition into one of our colony cat rooms.

However, despite her wonderful personality, she was consistently overlooked in favor of the many kittens in our program during the height of kitten season. Now that kitten season has wound down and she has a better chance of being adopted, Chirp has ringworm again!

This poor kitty has had the worst luck and really needs someone to offer her a safe, low-stress environment for her immune system to recover from the neglect of her early years. A foster or adoptive home would help Chirp so much! It will help her heal quickly and get the attention she has been craving.

Chirp chirps and is talkative and sweet. She is great with all cats, friendly dogs, and kids. She won't be a lap cat, but a sit by you cat. She's not too active, so she would be a good fit for a first time cat owner.

If you're interested in adopting or fostering Chirp, please contact our Cat Foster Coordinator, Deidre Carey, at (850) 224-9193 or




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