Saying Goodbye to Princess



Princess has lived at the LCHS office since 2008 as our little house grouchy cat to most visitors.

Princess crossed the rainbow bridge last week after weeks of veterinary testing determined that she had a painful growth on her pancreas. Princess came to us nearly 10 years ago as a shy young kitten, and spent her life in our upstairs cat room as queen of the cat towers. Although she was never truly adoptable (she made her desires clear!), she lived a great life that we believe she would never have had the opportunity to do so otherwise.

Princess's favorite things included sunning herself on our cat-io, feasting on a multitude of treats, and being read to by our Paws-it-ive readers.She was best friends with our other resident kitty, Smudge and she was accustomed to adoptable cats coming and going in her room, getting along with all of them.

Princess was known to be picky about which adults she chose to befriend, but we found that she had a weak spot for children through our young Pawsitive Readers. Princess was a staple at the LCHS office for almost 10 years. She represents what LCHS does best, giving a chance to those who've got no other option; at times that means calling LCHS their forever home.


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