Lola Girl is a Queen in Search of her Kingdom as She Interviews for Office Cat



After the passing of our beloved office cat Lucky, we have been thinking about finding a new cat to fit the role. We have decided to interview a few of our adoptable in-house cats for the job!

The first on our list of applicants is Lola Girl, a 7-year-old Siamese-and-Sassy queen of a cat. She is opinionated, playful and doesn't like to share her space with other cats (she likes dogs, though!).

Lola Girl is obsessed with a blue and green jingling ball. Whatever she is doing or wherever she is hiding you can always get her attention by ringing it in her direction.

As the queen of the office, Lola Girl likes to sit in the hallway across from the cat room and survey her kingdom. She is convinced that if she Fits, she Sits, no matter how large her bottom or how small the box. She is an easy going cat that will do her own thing while you do yours, and she loves to be scratched behind her ears. 

This big girl knows what she wants and isn't afraid to ask for it, which is a good thing in a busy office like ours. She loves not having to be in one of our freeroam rooms with other cats, and she gets along with the dogs who visit the office. She also respects doors and doesn't mind the kittens in the lobby.

Overall, Lola has shown potential as an Office Cat, but we're beginning to think she would be happier with a home that is hers alone. She is sociable, but lately we've found her hiding out in a dark, quiet corner more often than not. So while she's got the chops to make it as an Office Cat, we think her real calling is as a Family Cat. Will you be the one to make her yours?

To learn more about Lola check out her adoption page.


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