Lizzie Needs A Home



We need your help to find a foster or adoptive home for a special senior cat named Lizzie.

LCHS was called by a local veterinary clinic after Lizzie's owner passed away and the family brought Lizzie in to be euthanized. The vet refused and Lizzie instead came to us on 04/04/17. The stress of losing her person while adapting to a new place and lots of new feline roommates caused Lizzie to contract ringworm which then placed her in our isolation room for the last month. Lizzie receives the necessary medications and medicated baths, but in the isolation room, she is secluded from what she loves most - people.

For the last two weeks, the cats in our isolation room who have all been receiving treatment for ringworm have been allowed to roam freely in the room in order to remain as comfortable as possible. At any given point in the day, Lizzie can be found standing on her back legs with her tiny front paws glued to the glass door seeking attention. When you enter the room however, Lizzie hides as she is now expecting to be medicated which is not the highlight of her day!

Lizzie appears to be healed from the one patch of ringworm that she had and today she will receive her final bath and exam. While the other two cats in the room will be happy to re-enter the cat rooms, we fear Lizzie will again be unhappy and stressed by the new feline roommates and lack of a home. While her labwork looks good, she has lost weight and has not been grooming herself well. Our hope is that a person to love on her and devote daily time to her in a quiet home will be all she needs.

Lizzie needs a person (or people) who will allow her to roam the house at night so she can be with you, otherwise she will cry for attention. Please share to help this sweet long hair beauty find a place where she can find her "happy" again.

If you're interested in fostering or adopting Lizzie, please send an email to our Cat Foster Coordinator, Deidre Carey, at 


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