Help One of These 5 Overlooked Pets Win A Tallahassee Woman Magazine Feature!



At LCHS, we feel that rescuing those animals that are not the most easily adopted or those who need more than the typical amount of care is a big part of our mission and an important role for our organization in this community. 

As a foster-based rescue, LCHS is uniquely suited to care for pets with special needs, and a significant portion of our foster population falls into that category.

However, special needs and "less adoptable" pets present unique challenges to a rescue. They are simply not what the average adopter is looking for when they go in search of their new pet. It takes ingenuity and persistance to find a permanent home for the senior, medically needy, or "boring" breed animals that are so easily overlooked.

During this year's Bags 4 Wags fundraising effort, we're hoping you will help us with this effort by donating and sharing the cause of your favorite "Left Behind" pet, each of whom have been waiting so long to be noticed. Meet each of them here, on their Crowdrise fundraising pages, and donate to your favorite.

The pet whose fundraising team raises the most for foster pets like them will win a full-page photo spread in Tallahassee Woman Magazine! This will put them in front of thousands of new people and, hopefully, that one special person who will be willing to take a chance on a pet that so many others have rejected.

Team Dancer »

Team Tia & Ty »

Team Boss »

Team Black Forest »

Team Max »



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