Tia and Ty Want To Be Your New Cuddle Buddies!




I’m Tia!

I’m 9 years young, and I love to chat. You’ll love talking with me too; I promise you’ll be meowing right along side me.


And I’m Ty!

I’m 6 years old but still as playful as a kitten. Bring out a mouse toy and I’m all over it!


We’ve been living at LCHS for the last year and would really love to see some new faces. We both adore attention, give us a head scratch and we’ll be putty in your hands. We're definitely people cats, and can't wait to be curled up in someone's lap.


Tia is FIV+, but don’t let that scare you off. If you only have us you’ll be purrfectly fine. We do well with other FIV+ cats or with no other cats, but trust us we’re company enough! Besides FIV+ doesn’t stop us from being Play+, Cuddle+, and Love+!


If you want to meet us we’re currently hanging out at the LCHS office at 413 Timberlane Road just waiting to get to know ya. We’re sure you’ll fall in love with us! We just know it!



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