Cat Trees & Scratching Posts Needed



After a several-months-long-struggle with a particularly stubborn stain of ringworm, the LCHS cat room is once again clear of the disease! However, we had to throw out the majority of our cat trees and sisal scratching posts to avoid recontamination. 

We are in need of a couple large or extra large cat trees and 2-3 small trees with sisal-wrapped posts. If you would like to help us repopulate our cat rooms with the cat trees our cats love, there are several ways to help:

  • For those with Amazon Prime, this tree, this tree and this post would be purr-fect! Plus, if you use Amazon Smile, a portion of your purchase is donated back to LCHS!
  • Armarkat and offer sturdy cat trees at a great price AND free shipping.
  • Donate directly toward the cost of the trees by using our donation form and writing "Cat tree" in the donation comment box.

Thank you from all of the LCHS foster kitties!


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