Boss Needs A Foster Home ASAP



Hai, it's ME, ur BOSS! I are in charge of most important things! Like KISSES. And THINGS TO BE CHASED. I like SNACKS. I am terribly notgood, verybad at being Boss of not important things. Like what is NOT SNACK. Please HALP. I need verysmart hooman to be Boss of notimportant things so I can be Boss of KISSES and SMELLS.


This 70 pound, 9-month-old American Bulldog is ALL puppy and needs a foster home ASAP. He desperately wants to please, but has no idea how to do so.

He needs manners and boundaries to help him channel his endless energy. He would make a wonderful companion to a bored younger dog. LCHS will provide weekly training sessions in addition to any needed supplies for Boss' foster parent.

If you're willing to Boss the Boss, please complete a foster application. Questions? Contact our Dog Foster Coordinator, Amy Raddar, at


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