The Secret Life of LCHS Cats



Discover the Secret Life of LCHS Cats!

We do our best to enrich the lives of the cats who come into our care, but a shelter cat's life is sometimes a little boring...OR IS IT?

From July 1st through July 15th, meet some of the silly, sweet, hilarious and mischievous cats waiting to find their forever homes at the LCHS office.


A Different Kind of Walk!


Happy Independence Day!


Leo can't get enough headbanger metal.


Missy has a habit.


And so many more kitties in need of a good home with an even richer Secret Life provided by someone who loves them.

Visit the LCHS office now through the 8th to meet all of the eligible Secret Life cats and gain a wonderful friend!

BONUS: To celebrate the premiere of The Secret Life of Pets, all kittens are Adopt One, Get One Free on July 8th!



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