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Every weekday at 12pm and 7pm EST Thursday, April 28th through Friday, May 27th we will be live-streaming one of our bottle baby litters as they are fed, cleaned and socialized by their foster mom.

You'll have the opportunity to interact with the foster mom as you watch the babies nurse, play and grow every day! Go to the stream »

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Did You Know?

  • LCHS cares for more than 50 bottle baby kittens every year, many of whom have failed to thrive in other situations and are in need of specialized care to survive.
  • Foster parents care for these babies 24/7, feeding them at 2-3 hour intervals night and day for weeks until they are old enough to be weaned.
  • A healthy bottle baby costs a minimum of $170 to feed, vet and prepare for adoption.
  • A bottle baby who comes to us with an illness requires at least $250 to treat, feed and care for.
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