Priceless Purrsdays Start Early in 2014



Every Thursday in April, May and June is "Priceless Purrsday"!

Every Thursday in April, May and June all LCHS cats one year and older are free to adopt. Not many people can resist the cuteness of a fuzzy little kitten—but the affectionate charms of an adult cat should not be overlooked. To help promote the adoption of our adult foster cats, LCHS is offering adopters the chance to bring home an adult cat for free! 

We have a wide range of adult cats ready for adoption. From the snuggly lap cat to the playful goofball, we have the purr-fect match for you. There are lots of benefits to skipping the kitten and teenage stages of cat growth. Adult cats won't tear up your curtains or meow for attention at 3am, or need constant play and stimulation. Instead, by adopting an adult cat, you can select the personality that fits your lifestyle and rest comfortably knowing that your new kitty companion's temperament won't change unexpectedly.

Our adult cats are already spayed or neutered, microchipped and have had all of their vaccinations and veterinary care. The only thing they lack are permanent homes of their own. View all of our adoptable cats »

In Tallahassee alone, over 3,700 homeless cats and kittens entered the shelter last year. Remember, by adopting an LCHS cat you not only save the animal's life, but also open up a space in our foster program for another animal to be rescued. Give the LCHS office a call (224-9193) and talk with one of our helpful staff members for personalized match-making with the cat of your dreams!



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