Many Thanks to Bradfordville Paws & Claws Veterinary Hospital!



In an effort to help LCHS prepare as many kittens as possible for adoption, Drs. Figlio, Moser & Hall and their vet techs donated a day in November and another in December to get almost three dozen foster kittens spayed and neutered!

LCHS deeply appreciates the time and effort these wonderful people put in for the foster animals of LCHS.

Because of these special "Spay Days" in the last two months, we were able to get even more kittens home for the Holidays!


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Paws & Claws is awesome!

We got to meet the staff of Paws & Claws while helping our foster (and later adopted) dog through a very difficult heartworm treatment. They were VERY kind to us and to our little foster. I'm not surprised to hear that they do these types of "extras" as well. Good job, Paws & Claws!


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