Blog Posts: 55th Anniversary


Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting At LCHS

The Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce Held A Ribbon Cutting Ceremony On Friday February 20, 2015 At LCHS

Tags: 55th Anniversary, Ribbon Cutting, Chamber of Commerce

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55th Birthday Bash in Jeopardy from Felonious Furry Felines!

Oh noes! The kittehs have our Executive Director, and they won’t release her until their demands have been met!

Tags: Cats, Event, 55th Anniversary, Shenanigans

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55th Birthday Wishlist

For our 55th birthday, we're wishing for some much needed items to help care for our adoptable animals and improve programs here at LCHS.

Tags: Fundraisers, 55th Anniversary

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Help Us Reach 5,500 Likes On Facebook for Our 55th Birthday!

Spread the word! We're trying to reach 5,500 Facebook likes in January.

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In Honor of Our 55th Anniversary, $55 Off ALL Adoption Fees in January

We're celebrating 55 years of improving lives in Tallahassee with a special discount on adoptions!

Tags: Adoption, 55th Anniversary

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It's Our 55th Birthday!

Help us celebrate 55 years of helping homeless pets in Tallahassee.

Tags: Community Outreach, Adoption, Education, 55th Anniversary

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