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The Cutest Event in Town Also Helps Save Lives - 2nd Annual Bottle Baby Shower Recap + Photos

Our 2nd Annual Bottle Baby Shower welcomed over 200 guests and lots of wonderful donations for our tiny charges.

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Meet Shannon Colavecchio, Our 2018 Tally Top Single!

We are so very honored to be selected as Shannon's charity for Tallahassee Magazine's 2018 Tally Top Singles!

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LCHS Welcomes 4 Dogs from South Korean Dog Meat Farm

On Saturday, May 19 around 1:00 am, Andy, Ollie, Kyle, and Stanley ended their travels from South Korea to Tallahassee. They are four of more than 80 dogs rescued from the 11th dog meat farm shut down by Humane Society International (HSI).

Tags: Dogs, Rescue, HSUS Emergency Placement Partnership, Korean Dog Rescue

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You're Invited to Our 2nd Annual Bottle Baby Shower!

Join us for the cutest event of the summer and help us provide for our most resource demanding charges - bottle babies!

Tags: Event, Bottle Babies, Kittens

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Attention LCHS Members! You're Invited to the Annual Membership Meeting!

All active LCHS members are invited to attend our Annual Membership Meeting!

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LCHS Office Closed Friday, April 27th & Monday, April 30th

The LCHS office will be closed on Friday, April 27th and Monday, April 30th.

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Helen & Miss Sadie Join the Ranks of Young People Making a Difference for Animals in Need

Meet a talented young entrepeneur with a heart for animals!

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The Parade of Kittens

Emily the volunteer loves to foster kittens, and thinks she is getting the better end of the bargain. 

Tags: #fosterneeded

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Great News for Greyhounds!

On February 2nd, Florida legislators voted unanimously to end the inhumane practice of dog racing!

Tags: #gogreyhounds

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You’re Invited! First Series of Foster Support Meetings begins on 2/10

Interested in fostering with LCHS? Make sure to attend our upcoming Canine Foster Support Meeting on Saturday, February 10th!

Tags: #fosterneeded, #foster #dogs

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