Chronicles of a Foster Mom: The Play Date



Chloe progressed and grew stronger during the first 10 days I had her, despite being treated for an intestinal parasite. However, during her medical checkup, her blood work showed she is too anemic to undergo surgery to spay her. I was advised by the vet to give her 10 more days and bring her back for a re-check.

I have to be honest and tell you that I don't mind the idea of keeping Chloe for 10 more days because she is such a delight. I watch her play in the jasmine that grows in our yard, grab up every stick and pinecone as a favorite toy, and explore the outdoors with such wonder. Chloe's greatest charm is that she loves to snuggle. When she is tired after play, she approaches me with a soft whine or places her two front paws on my knees indicating that she wants to be held or lay next to me while she falls into a peaceful sleep.

Even though Chloe is not technically available until she is spayed, I was still accepting applications from people interested in adopting her. One couple asked if Chloe could visit their farm so they could observe how the pup would respond to their chickens that roam freely about the property. It was a fair request, so I scheduled a play date for Chloe. On the following Friday afternoon, I loaded Chloe into my vehicle and drove to our appointed destination.

Chloe was happy to meet the couple, their adult lab/chow mix dog, and the chickens. When the chickens first arrived on the scene in response to tossed breadcrumbs, Chloe watched in puzzlement. She had never seen a chicken. As she moved forward to take a closer look, a chicken flapped its wings, startling Chloe and sending her running backward. At this point, she decided to just sit and watch. After the chickens left the yard, Chloe explored their scent; she was especially interested in feathers that they left behind. All in all, Chloe passed the test of not chasing the chickens, and she played and interacted with the couple as they shared with her various dog toys.

On the drive home, I felt both a sense of pride that Chloe was so well liked by the couple and a sense of deep sadness that Chloe will soon leave my home when she is adopted. 


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