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Barb Hatch is known throughout our community as a "Cat Lady Extraordinaire", and has many years of experience saving hundreds of neonatal kittens. Most of the time, our "bottle babies" come to us several weeks old, but sometimes, they are as young as a day or, in this case, a week.

They are EXTREMELY fragile at this age and require a lot of careful tending. This is Barb's account of how she nursed the tiny little guy through the first crucial weeks of his life and into full-blown and healthy kittenhood:

"The shelter called early November 2011 asking, “Can you take a kitten about a week old?” Since I had space in my foster home for a bottle baby I told them that I could. They answered “Good. Hurry, because he’s tiny!" Luckily I was out running errands so I swung by the shelter and picked him up.

Tiny was right! He was the size of a mouse – grey, too—with his eyes still shut. Hoo boy, I thought, I have my work cut out for me and I’ll need some luck if this guy is going to make it. I know how fragile these little guys are from years of past experience. If you get a litter of itty-bitties like this one you’re lucky if ANY of them survive once they have lost their mother.

So Greyson, as I named him, accompanied me everywhere for the next month in the little carriers I use for bottle babies. He went to and from my office at LCHS, joined me at a friend’s house for a “movie night”, got smuggled into the grocery store and rode in the grocery cart, went to the massage therapist and hairdresser – everywhere I went, he went! Luck was with us – he made it! A nasty bout of coccidia almost cost him his life, but with a lot of perseverance and thanks to his strong spirit, Greyson pulled through. Although small for his age, he is FEARLESS. He runs full speed around the house, swatting at tails of 14lb cats and 40lb dogs, making flying leaps onto the sofa, skittering up the cat tree, and snuggling on me as I watch TV or read.

His boldest move to date was leaping on the back of a large neutered male cat at least 5 times his size and grabbing the scruff of his neck with his teeth. The big mellow cat just shook himself and Greyson went flying off.

Lots of work...you bet! Especially when he was fighting for his life. Will I do it again for another one...you bet...in a heartbeat."

-- Barb Hatch, LCHS Foster Mom & Staff Member

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Barb, you're awesome.


Thank God for people like you, Barb.


From another Barb: you're the greatest. He's adorable and I'd adopt if this cat lady weren't over her limit now.


a cat-angel sent to earth you are Barb Hatch!!


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