Our Pet Food Pantry Is Here To Help!



LCHS wants to make sure that all animals are given the best care possible.

If you or someone you know is experiencing financial distress and is struggling to provide for their pet, the LCHS Pet Food Pantry may be able to help. LCHS has managed a small Pet Food Pantry for many years. The goal of the Pantry is to provide assistance to individuals in need in order to keep pets in loving homes and out of crowded animal shelters.

It is completly free, we just ask that the pet(s) be spayed or neutered. If the pet(s) are not spayed or neutered and the owner is willing to have them fixed, we can provide a voucher for a free or low cost procedure thanks to Be the Solution, Inc.

In 2016, LCHS provided 7,433 pounds of pet food and 1,929 pounds of cat litter to individuals at risk of losing their pets due to financial hardship. Treats, crates, dog houses, toys, and other supplies were provided as well. If you know of someone in need who could benefit from the Pet Food Pantry, please have them contact LCHS or vist our Pet Food Pantry section on our website!


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