Volunteers Needed for Summer!



Looking for a fun way to spend your summer? Want to gain hands on experience working with animals? Then volunteering at LCHS is for you! Orientations begin the first week of June for summer.
Volunteer opportunities start at 5 years of age and duties range from hands on kitty care to Pawsitive Readers to adoption and outreach events! Volunteers are needed in all roles for a 3 month commitment from June- August.
To sign up for the orientation of your choice, simply fill out the volunteer application online at www.lchs.info/volunteer/ .
We look forward to seeing you!


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i want to volemteer

Hello, my name is Demetrius Jenkins, and im 17 years old, I like to work with, and play with animals and would really like to volenteer,if you want to contact me please call (850)294-2411. I cant wait to hear from you!


Hello - Will you tell me how old one needs to be to volunteer? Thank you.

David Lipton

you have to be 16 to be able to volunteer. if someone is under the age of 16, a parent or chaperone needs to be with them. it list everything on our volunteer app : http://lchs.info/volunteer_application/

We have volunteer opportunities for all ages!
4- 11 years of age: Pawsitive Readers Program
12- 15 years of age: May volunteer in any role with a parent/ chaperone present.
16 years+: May volunteer in any role!


please call in evening times on 8503393286. thanks


I am basically a cat person but love almost all animals

Guerline Preston & Stephanie Patternson

If you're interesting in volunteering, please fill out a volunteer application (http://lchs.info/volunteer_application/).


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