2014 Volunteer Awards!



Drum roll please...Presenting your Volunteer Service Award Winners for 2014!

We had to make some VERY tough decisions this year, and as always, we are only able to honor a few of the incredible foster parents and volunteers who make everything we do for the animals not only possible, but also more enjoyable. We hope you will join us in congratulating our most oustanding volunteers of 2014!


Volunteers of the Year


Ann Brattain

Volunteer of the Year


Melanie Welch & Cathy Brackney

Foster Family of the Year


Cindi Owen Briley

Board of Director of the Year


Cynthia Darrenkamp

Intern of the Year


Elizabeth Eckhardt & Kathryn Eckhardt

Student Volunteers of the Year


Deidre Carey

Dog Foster of the Year


Jodi Sperry

Cat Foster of the Year


Karri Cummings

Puppy Foster of the Year


Sebrena Thomas

Kitten Foster of the Year


"Round of Appaws"

Please give a "Round of Appaws" to these dedicated Volunteers for their eclectic contributions, deserving of equally eclectic recognition!


Toni Trimarco

Best New Volunteer


Dotty Diltz & Pat McCollum

Kitty Caregive Award


Margaret Timm & Bruce Timm

The Dynamic Duo


Ann Brattain & Bill Brattain

Golden Plunger Award


Julie Gahagan, Grace Gahagan & Tressalee Gahagan

Fabulous Family Award


Karen Godby & Ben Godby

The Laundry Gurus


Ann Summers

Trainer of the Year



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