2017 Board of Directors


We're All Animal Lovers!

The people nominated and elected for board positions are those who have made a commitment as volunteers to serve in two year terms to help guide and provide vision for our organization.

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Cindi Owen Briley

Cindi Owen Briley


Cindi started doing real estate closings in 1982 and in 1989 opened up Owen Title Company, Inc. She works with lenders, realtors, buyers and sellers and is honored to be a part of the homeownership process and the celebration of a closing. She has served on the boards of The Mortgage Bankers of Tallahassee, Women’s Council of Realtors and Tallahassee Board of Realtors. 

Cindi was introduced to the Leon County Humane Society (LCHS) in 2000 by a past board member to be a sponsor of the Fur Ball. She became a member in 2000 and has been active with the Fur Ball, Dog Washes and Friends Fur Life each year since. She has been a member of the LCHS Board of Directors from 2007-2012 and served as Board President in 2013.

Cindi would like to see Humane Education, specifically Spay & Neuter programs, expand within our community. It is so important that people that have the privilege to be pet owners be responsible with their pets. Also, a priority to Cindi is educating and teaching children how to become responsible and caring adults with their pets. If children learn early on how to take care of animals it can only help them in life with becoming caring and compassionate adults.

Cindi and her husband Randy have a 7 year old Springer Spaniel named Maggie.


Contact this board member: COwenBriley @ owentitle.com

Diana Orrick

Diana Orrick

Vice President

Diana Orrick works as a member of the Florida State University staff in Information Technology Services, Enterprise Systems Security. Diana has been an active volunteer, donor and supporter of the Leon County Humane Society (LCHS) since 2003. She is a past Board President (2008), was the chair of the calendar committee for 3 years (2005-2008) and was the chair of the “ Fur Ball, Mardi Paws!!” in 2007.

Diana has a tremendous respect for what LCHS provides to the Leon County community for companion animals and their present (and future) owners. She is an animal lover that believes in the mission of providing humane treatment, reducing over population and finding homes for homeless potential pets.

Diana has been quietly in the background during the last couple of years. She is now ready to jump back in for more involvement to support LCHS with her past LCHS experiences and her full heart. She would like to be a part of guaranteeing a successful future for LCHS for many years to come.

Diana shares her home with her pets which include two Schnauzers, Dieter (“Deeter”) and his son, Otto, and six rescue cats, Boris, Storm, Samson, Elijah, Bob Cat and Oliver. Each has their own unique story and personality.


Contact this board member: borismonster @ yahoo.com

Fotena Zirps, PhD

Fotena Zirps, PhD


Fotena’s family adopted their first cat when she was 6 years old. Schroeder was a rescued cat and since then she has never been without rescued cats as companions. She is happy to call herself a “crazy cat lady.” And while she is passionate about the care and responsibility for all God’s creatures, she is especially passionate about the treatment and understanding of felines.

When not enjoying the company of her three cats (all rescues – Bono, Mr. Edge and Jack) she works as a Research Associate at Florida State University. Prior to coming to FSU in 2014 she worked in the child welfare field for that past 25+ years. Fotena fervently believes that we need to learn to live peacefully and with kindness and compassion for all beings. And that is where she is committed to devote her energy for the rest of her life.

It is a lifelong dream for Fotena to serve on a Board supporting animals, and a longtime dream to be part of LCHS becoming actively involved in the care of animals in Tallahassee. Prior to coming to FSU her schedule had her traveling most weeks out of state and she is thrilled to finally be able to take part in this very important endeavor.

Fotena is thrilled to serve with the rest of the LCHS Board and to do her best to make life better for our community and our animals. Fotena is a fan of all work humane and is shown at a recent reception for Temple Grandin, PhD, a champion for animals.

To see the handsome Bono, Edge and Jack check out the 2016 LCHS calendar!

Contact this board member: fzirps @ prodigy.net

Joe Patton

Joe Patton


Joe and his wife Tanya grew up in Ohio and moved to the Tallahassee area where they have lived since 1996. He and Tanya have volunteered and been foster parents for LCHS for many years and currently provide a permanent home and care for many (many!) cats and several dogs.

In 2011, Joe and Tanya built an addition to their home specifically to house high medical needs cats from LCHS, many of which were adopted out to other permanent homes, while some others they adopted themselves as lifelong Patton “children.”

Joe graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a bachelor’s degree in urban planning, he graduated cum laude from the Florida State College of Law, and he is a member of the Florida Bar. He built, owns, and runs a national consulting firm that provides licensing and compliance services for insurance-related companies. Joe really enjoys being an entrepreneur, providing jobs, building and running a successful business, and working as a team to help his clients and his employees achieve their goals as well as his own.

Personally, some of Joe’s hobbies are trail running (including a run across the Grand Canyon and back and participating in high elevation mountain trail races out west in New Mexico and Wyoming), backpacking, golf and tennis, songwriting and guitar, tinkering on his Jeep and cool old Chevy truck, being a foodie, beach trips when he and Tanya can find the time, and most importantly hanging with Tanya and the critters!

Contact this board member: joe @ pattoncompliance.com

Rick Figlio

Rick Figlio

Rick Figlio is a shareholder with the Ausley McMullen law firm in Tallahassee. Before joining the Ausley firm, Rick spent several years in state government, including stints as an appellate lawyer for the Office of the Attorney General and as Interim General Counsel and General Counsel to Governors Rick Scott and Charlie Crist. Rick’s private practice continues to focus on state and local government, both in litigation and in the regulatory and legislative realms.

Rick earned his bachelor’s degree from Davidson College, and his law degree from the University of Georgia. Rick initially practiced in northern Virginia, then served as a law clerk for a judge on the federal Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals on Alabama, before moving to Tallahassee in 2004.

In addition to practicing law, Rick helps manage the family business, Paws & Claws Veterinary Hospital, which is primarily operated by his wife of 20 plus years, Dr. Dawn Figlio, and her two associate veterinarians, Drs. Jennifer Moser and Virginia Haden. Rick and Dawn are deeply committed to LCHS’s mission and have been avid supporters of the LCHS since moving to Tallahassee. Two of their three current pets were adopted through LCHS—Tabitha, a mostly friendly, but opinionated tabby cat, and Ivy, an impossibly spoiled Mastiff. Their third pet, a cat named Mr. Spankles, was rescued by Dawn nearly twenty years ago from the side of a country road on the way to her admissions interview at the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine.

Contact this board member: rfiglio @ ausley.com

Sandi Poreda

Sandi Poreda

Sandi Poreda, APR, is the president of Bulldog Strategy Group, a local public relations firm that specializes in crisis management. Being the president of her company means she sets the office pet policy, which means at least one of her three rescue dogs - Charley, Brady and Ella - comes to work with her on a regular basis.

In addition to her work in the public relations industry, Sandi volunteers, fosters and fundraises for local animal rescue organizations; she also serves on the Board of Directors for the Capital Area Chapter of the American Red Cross. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Florida State University, where she currently serves as an adjunct professor for the College of Communication & Information.

Sandi and her husband Jason met at the dog park (Charley was Sandi's dog and Brady was Jason's) and rescued a runaway dog on their first date (she was chipped and returned to her owner!). A few years later they found Ella... a few more years later Sandi named her company after Ella, and the rest is history.

Contact this board member: sandi @ bulldogstrategygroup.com

Kevin Brumfield, DVM

Kevin Brumfield, DVM

Honorary Member

Dr. Kevin Brumfield has been an Honorary member of the Leon County Humane Society Board of Directors since 2009. Kevin is a local veterinarian and co-owner of Northwood Animal Hospital and The Animal Hospital and Pet Resort at Southwood.

As a veterinarian, he sees first hand the medical, financial and ethical hurdles that rescue and adoption groups must endure. Whether it is a stray, injured pet or an owner who wishes to relinquish ownership of a pet they can no longer care for, veterinarians deal with great animals in bad situations on a daily basis.

In 2008 Kevin started “Rescue Relief”, a program to raise needed supplies and funding for local rescue groups. Since its inception his hospitals have raised over $80,000 in donations. In 2012, he and his partners founded CARE, a nonprofit organization, that provides necessary medical and surgical treatment to homeless pets and then subsequently finds them forever homes.

Dr. Brumfield hopes that bringing his medical knowledge and rescue experience to LCHS will truly make a difference dealing with the local homeless pet population. He will be returning to serve as an Honorary Board Member again this year and hopes to help LCHS grow and spread its positive influence throughout Tallahassee and beyond.

He and his wife, Lauren, have an 8 year old daughter named Avery. As for furry family members, they have three dogs - Ack, Baxter, and Toby - all rescues. 

Contact this board member: kbrumf @ yahoo.com